Introduction to a Glider Flight Examiner Manual (FEM)

Introduction to a Glider Flight Examiner Manual (FEM)

Introduction to a Glider Flight Examiner Manual (FEM)

Development of a glider examination based on Competency Criterion and related Section/assessment sheets

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    Francesco Daniele Padovano
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Francesco Daniele Padovano is a gliding instructor with more than 15.000 flights in his experience along with training commercial pilots as a TKI at CAE. He has been one of the main instructors of the national school in Spain and holds active SPL FI-FI, Acro and TMG ratings. Among others, he has laid the foundations of the gliding training programme in Colombia and has taught in the Argentinean army in their courses dedicated to drone pilot training. He is currently developing a programme dedicated to children at risk of exclusion with a motivational programme through gliding and collaborating with various vocational schools to complement the training with gliding. He is the author of several publications in the aeronautical field:

"El Manual del piloto de vuelo sin motor", "Manual del instructor de vuelo sin motor", "Meteorología para drones", "Glider Flight Instructor Manual, development of the first period-basic course based on the EASA SFCL regulation of march 2020 with the introduction of competence criteria".

This book wishes to propose a standard for SPL examiners based on CBTA (Competence Training and Assessment) and related mission sheet. After the publication of the book "Glider flight instructor manual" with the introduction of the competence criteria (CBTA), this text is the natural evolution because, if a competence-based teaching system is proposed, the evaluation at examination level of the candidates for obtaining the licences and ratings, foreseen in the EASA regulation EU 2020/358, remains unresolved. Therefore, this text aims to provide a solution to the doubts that may arise for examiners when conducting an examination.

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