The molecule that causes idiopathic diseases of chronic autoinmune origin

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    Augusto Francesco Acconciagioco Calvo
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Chemical structure of hominidae sialic acid


The N-acidoacetilneurominico acid or NANA or sialic acid (Sia), is a glucidic structure synthesized by man at the beginning of evolution, when he was a collector like every primate. Therefore, it was the first archetypal hominidae biological molecule that was positioned in the distal portion of the glycoaminoglycans (GAGs), which are glucidic structures composed of disaccharide units that are repeated (n) times, in the glycolipids, glycoproteins, olisaccharides that at the same time are anchored to a pure protein in the plasma membrane, in the four tissues: epithelial, connective, muscular and nervous. Subsequently, with the achievement of the clamp, the neocortex evolved, creating new synaptic connections allowing it to manufacture instruments for hunting and fishing (paleo diet) by introducing animal proteins and fats into their diet. This diet is contra naturam regarding the beginning of evolution. Sia Neu5Gc usurps Sia Neu5Ac, so our macrophages don´t recognize the Neu5Gc, they attack and phagocyt these molecules, subsequently destroying the GAGs and the plasma membrane. Providing the ground for the genesis of idiopathic autoimmune chronic diseases. Defined in the light of science as chronic autoimmune archetypal diseases.

Augusto Francesco Acconciagioco Calvo

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