Simple awesome cool jokes for filipinos in Spain

Simple awesome cool jokes for filipinos in Spain

Simple awesome cool jokes for filipinos in Spain

  • Autor:
    María Concepción Castro Villalobos
  • ISBN:9788419308986
  • Categoría:Calificadores de LENGUA; Estilos de vida, aficiones y ocio; Lenguas de Oceanía y Austronesia; Lenguas indoeuropeas; Humor
  • Temática:Humor, Español/Castellano, Inglés, Tagalo (filipino)
  • Tamaño:120 x 160mm
  • Páginas:92
  • Idioma:Español / Castellano, Tagalog, Inglés
  • Interior:B&N (Estándar) + Color (Estándar)
  • Editorial:Liber Factory
  • Código de Producto:8433
  • Disponibilidad: Disponible
  • Formato de este producto: Papel
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  • Sin Impuesto:10.96€
Libro trilingüe:
English - Spanish - Tagalog


"I enjoyed reading your book of jokes though I couldn't understand some of the Spanish words and context! Edgar and I experienced many similar funny situations when we were living in Rome and were trying to speak Italian properly. I guess that is how we all learn new languages! Humor is an important part of the learning...
All the best as you publish the book. I'm sure there will be many Filipinos both in Spain or who understand Spanish who will be able to relate to the jokes and appreciate them."
Christina Liamson and Edgardo Valenzuela
Ateneo LSE OF-LIFE Global Alumni Network Founders and Pillars

"Congratulations Connie Spain. Will surely check it out. Proud of you." Commented on the 20th of June 2020
Rachel U. Salinel Los Banos
Broadcast Journalist, TFC-ABS-CBN Global
Coordinator CFC-Social Development in UAE

"Congrats!!! That´s awesome! I just bought it! Mukhang masayang basahin ngayong Fiesta de San Juan dito sa Barcelona. Go Lang kababayan!" Commented on the 20th of June 2020.
Sandra SoteloBroadcast Journalist, TFC-ABS-CBN Europe and business Development Consultant.

Shan SabioAdmin of PINOY AKO in Spain since February 2019 with 21.5K members

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