Me, Elena and my story

Me, Elena and my story

Me, Elena and my story

  • Autor:
    Elena Romero
  • ISBN:9788417404338
  • Colección:Infantil y juvenil
  • Categoría:adolescentes, adultos jóvenes, jóvenes, niños, juveniles, preadolescentes, de grado medio; Biografías, literatura y estudios literarios; Calificadores de INTERÉS; Salud, relaciones y desarrollo personal; Infantil/Juvenil, interés general; Biografías y prosa de no ficción; Edad/nivel de interés; Autoayuda, desarrollo personal y consejos prácticos
  • Temática:Edad de interés: a partir de 8 años, Biografía: general, Autoayuda, desarrollo personal y consejos prácticos, Infantil/Juvenil, interés general
  • Tamaño:150 x 210mm
  • Páginas:82
  • Idioma:Inglés
  • Interior:Color (Estándar)
  • Editorial:Liber Factory
  • Código de Producto:7635
  • Disponibilidad: Disponible
  • Formato de este producto: Papel
  • 20.00€


  • Sin Impuesto:18.27€
Me, Elena and my story, is a book written through the eyes of an eight-year-old girl, Elena, that with the help of her beloved grandmother, Pipa, narrates her experiences to let others know how you live and what It feels when you are born "different" without knowing the reason why.

Throughout her story, Elena demonstrates an eagerness for exemplary improvement thanks to her effort and the hope that science will one day heal "her problem" as she calls it.

With this book Elena also has the desire to help other children and families to overcome with a positive attitude the obstacles that life sometimes holds for us which we did not expect, and to be happy.

I hope the book will excite you and help you to think over essential aspects that sometimes we do not realize the importance they deserve.

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